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Original 20 Li, uncle Laurie two-way black love is too sweet, like love apartment boy become a bully

Some people don't like Jiang Youguo in 20:00, but they like Jiang Youguo very much. She is the original female host, the female host's part must be more than other several, to blame the film side, let us mistakenly think Guan Xiaotong is female number one. In addition, the role of Jiang Youguo really has weaknesses, but it is also because of these weaknesses that the role is alive. There is no perfect character in real life.


ginger young fruit single parent family grew up, constantly study hard, diligent and simple. If her roommates are distressed, she will comfort them. Treat people with integrity, do not hold grudges, if there are clouds of young friends around, don't be too happy.

Because she is the protagonist, there are more emotional plays arranged for her, and all three opposite sex like her. One is the role of cannon fodder is not introduced, the other two, parting is the love of sister and brother and uncle love. Both of them are very strange, and they like her very much. It's hard to make a choice between them! I really want to apply the words of Haiwang, the crew next door: you have three platforms, one is south, one is north, and the other is not interfering with each other!

The younger brother of

is a rich second generation lottery fast three platform. He drives a luxury car in his private school. If he follows him, he will definitely be popular and drink spicy food. Moreover, the younger brother's family is specially happy, the father to the mother rare pain likes. Since he was young, he was instilled with the thought that he must benefit his wife and that gifts should be given to all festivals and holidays. My brother is definitely a good boyfriend!

feel disappointed. When you meet him, let alone make-up, you won't even wash your face. But in the face of Uncle Zhou Xun, they were very different. She will be emotional, will study lipstick at night, will use five childhood to dress up. The most important thing is that uncle also likes young ginger fruit, which is a two-way black love.

Every time he looked at the plot of both of them, he asked the director fiercely to make a new TV play about the feelings of Jiang Youguo and Zhou Xun. Their feelings are very similar to those in \
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